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Below you will find resources to help with some of the more common grammar issues students at Saint Mary’s encounter. Use these resources to help in the editing process.

English as a Second Language

Activities for ESL Students – Activities developed by TESL (Teachers of English as a Second Language). Includes bilingual grammar quizzes at a variety of levels.

Dave’s ESL Cafe – The largest ESL site on the Web.

Purdue University OWL – An excellent Web page by a respected university writing center. Exercises and lessons by topic.

A, An, and The – These small English words are often the most difficult for non-native writers. Purdue University provides a special focus on them.

Minnesota Literacy Council – A local nonprofit agency that offers language instruction services.

Study Strategies and Guides (in 27 Languages) – Joe Landsberger, Masters in Education, Masters in International Management


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