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The Writing Process

Getting Started 

Before you start writing your paper, you can use various “pre-writing” strategies that will make your overall writing process more efficient. The following tips will help you to set yourself up for writing success.

Writing Your Paper

Writing a paper is a complex process that involves organizing your ideas into a cohesive structure and effectively incorporating sources. The following resources describe approaches to structuring your paper and using source support.

Tips for Writing Your Paper

Editing/Revising Your Paper

Before you submit your writing, allow enough time for revising and editing. Keep in mind that revising and editing are necessary but distinct steps in the writing process—while revising may require restructuring your paper and even rethinking your thesis, editing addresses grammar and style issues, not content or organization. See the following tips for help with revising and editing your writing.

Tips for Editing/Revising

How to Revise -Video

How to Revise-Handout 

Revising for Flow– Recording of Flow Workshop

Proofreading Tips

Reverse Outlining (Editing the structure of your paper)


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